Men and women seeking aesthetic treatments to boost career


New research released, indicates that nearly a third of UK adults would have aesthetic treatment for a change in job or career, underlining that youthfulness still equates to success in work for many people.
The anti-aging and restorative products are designed to suit each individual’s aesthetic needs and are manufactured using the finest ingredients for long-lasting natural results. The fillers can be used for everything from wrinkle reduction to contouring and lip enhancement with the benefit of being completely reversible, providing long lasting beautiful results without committing to going ‘under the knife’ or having a permanent treatment.

Until now, 90% of all aesthetic procedures have been carried out on women; however research found that UK men are threatening to buck the trend with 25% of survey respondents having dermal fillers to reward themselves. Weddings were identified as a key milestone with 1 in 25 women undergoing treatment to look their best on their big day and 10% having a procedure for a

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