Why to do Plastic Surgery in Crete?

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Surgeon expertise. Opsisclinical was founded in 2008 by Dr Ioannis E Liapakis in Heraklion-Crete. Dr Liapakis is double PhD, GMC registered at UK, European Boards Certified Plastic Surgeon and member of the International Society of Plastic Surgeons. He is a pioneer in the development of innovative techniques in facial, body and breast surgery; he has a broad experience in Plastic Surgery and over 20 publications and reviews in international journals. 

Personalized Service. The medical/nurse personnel are focused in high level care and excellent service.

Incredible savings. Depending on the procedure, the save can be up to 50% including travel/transfer/accommodation expanses.  
No wait lists. Access to immediate service within a 30 days’ notice.
Excellent quality and world class facilities. Our facilities are in high level standards, accredited by the European law for day surgery clinics; 24X7, one to one services. Opsisclinical has a collaboration with the "Institute of Research and Technology" in Crete (www.forth.grand an affiliation with the "University of Crete Medical School". 
Access to latest technology and charities. OpsisClinical has a broad experience in Plastic Surgery and uses the latest technology in laser and non invasive procedures. It participates in charity missions all over the world (www.leapmissions.org) and produces customized Plastic Surgery Creams.
Great convenience and travel opportunities. Crete is in the middle of the Mediterranean with extremely low air fares depending on the season and world class hotels. You can have a relaxing recovery in a resort and you can enjoy outdoor attractions during your stay. Heraklion has many fine hotels all the year round (http://www.visithotels.gr/); visitors can tour easily the coasts and the beautiful countryside combining vacation and Plastic Surgery. 


  • The Dictatorship of Beauty

    The Dictatorship of Beauty

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