Planning the Surgery

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It is very important to allow sufficient time for adequate pre-operative consultation and repeat consultation if required. If you are unable to attend a consultation prior to the operation, we can arrange consultations by phone or e-mail. You have to send recent photos to us by e-mail,discuss and provide the information needed for the operation. The more information you can give beforehand, the better. At the end you decide whether you want to be operated or to travel for an additional consultation. The surgery can be arranged during your stay as well.

Before coming to us visit your home doctor for a general check-up and discuss the proposed operation including deep vein thrombosis risks. Hematocrit levels,  bleeding satus (PT, PTT, INR) and blood pressure should be checked, plus an ECG  with Cardiology report.  A list of present medication and any allergies has to be obtained. Sufficient medication for the entire stay in Greece should be brought.Stop hormone replacement therapy and oral contraceptives at least 1 month before and after surgery.

Weight loss is recommended if present mass is more than 10% above normal for age and height.

Reduce or stop smoking at least 1 month before and after surgery.

Take neither aspirin or aspirin-containing medication nor any patent or homeopathic remedies/supplementals drugs for two weeks prior to surgery.

If possible, wear T.E.D. anti-embolism stockings on the flight. All patients should drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol and sleeping tablets. Leg exercises and walking should be done during the flight.

We strongly recommend having full comprehensive travel insurance and somebody to accompany you in this travel.

Patients should arrive in Greece at least 1 day before the proposed operation, to give time for initial consultation and assessment.


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