Brow Lift

Descent of the paralyzed brow can obstruct vision and produces aesthetic problems. 
Brow position is frequently corrected utilizing a series of lifting techniques such as brow lift. The brow lift can be performed through an incision created directly above the brow (direct brow lift) or hidden in a deep forehead skin crease especially in the elderly. If lesser degrees of correction are required the brow lift can be approached through an incision at the interface of the brow skin and hairline (frontal brow lift) or hidden in the scalp hair (coronal brow lift).

The incision is beveled to avoid damage to the underlying hair follicles and promote re-growth of the hair concealing the post-operative scar. The brow is then lifted into the desired location and secured with sutures. Brow lift procedures are not designed to restore motion to the forehead and following resolution of the post-operative swelling the improved symmetry at rest should become apparent.

In select cases removal of excess eyelid skin (blepharoplasty) and or weakening of the unaffected side of the brow may be combined with the brow lift to enhance the result.
Hospitalization and recovery

Brow lifts can be performed with a single overnight hospital stay. Complications of brow lift procedures are rare and include numbness, injury to the opposite facial nerve and recurrence of the problem, hematoma and wound healing problems.


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