Cosmeceuticals are skin care products designed to go beyond strictly coloring and adorning the skin. These products may improve the function of the skin and be helpful in preventing premature aging.

Examples are alpha-hydroxy-acids (AHA) such as glycolic acid, and beta-hydroxy-acids (BHA) such as salicylic acid. These hydroxy acids, increase skin exfoliation (the removal of dead skin cells) making aging skin appear smoother and feel softer.

Tretinoin and vitamins like vitamin A (retinol) and vitamin C, improve the appearance by making the skin function better, but may be drying or irritating as well, so they must be used appropriately. When there are skin dyschromias, bleaching creams (Kligman's formula) have amazing results .

Cleansing gels, cellulite, eye-hydration creams help the skin of the body and the face to look better.

Broad spectrum (UVA/UVB)-high degree protection (SPF 30) sunscreens prevent photo-aging and carcinogenesis and should be the cornerstone of any skin care regimen. In order to tan, vertical sun beds with tanning creams are ideal. 

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