OPSISCLINICAL cosmeceuticals are skin care products designed to go beyond strictly coloring and adorning the skin. Our products improve the function of the skin and be helpful in preventing premature aging.

OPSISCLINICAL Ultra Smoothing Cream contains alpha-beta-hydroxy-acids (AHA) which increase skin exfoliation (the removal of dead skin cells) making aging skin appear smoother and feel softer.

When there are skin dyschromias, we use bleaching formulas with transamin tabs and QSwitch laser.

If you have cystic acne, we use chloramphenicol serum and when there is rosacea, our ivermectin cream has amazing results. 

OPSISCLINICAL Daily Moisturising Cream revitalises and leaves the skin feeling hydrated, refreshed and toned with a more youthful appearance.

OPSISCLINICAL Emulsion Cleanser and Cleansing Lotion are essential to perfect cleansing and makeup removal. 

OPSISCLINICAL Eye Cream targets the dark circles and wrinkle formation while moisturises and increases firmness around the eye area.

OPSISCLINICAL Sun Care Cream is a broad spectrum (UVA/UVB)-high degree protection (SPF 30) sunscreen, prevents photo-aging and carcinogenesis and should be the cornerstone of any skin care regimen. 

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