Common-sense Precautions for Before and After Filler Injections

5/29/2019 12:00:00 AM

Achieving optimal subdermal filler injection results has never been easier. There are just a few common-sense rules that patients need to adhere to. During the past number of years, the use of subdermal filler has gained significant momentum among both practitioners and patients, making this type of aesthetic product increasingly popular. There are now a wide range of fillers available that are minimally invasive for patients, as well as relatively easy to inject for Plastic Surgeons. This makes them appropriate for effectively treating volume loss due to aging, for example.

It is now a known fact that the combination of sun exposure, eating habits and smoking, as well as our personal genetics, have a strong impact on facial aging. Although we are all different in the way our skin evolves over time, these factors help determine how the skin on our face changes. In parallel, for the past two decades dermal fillers have considerably changed the field of cosmetic dermatology. For those patients partaking in subdermal filler injection treatment, there are a series of directions to follow both before and after treatment, all of which are common sense.

ALGENESS recognized for its break-through innovation in dermal fillers at 10th Anti-Aging Medicine Congress,  in Bucharest, RomaniaUpon enquiring about this aesthetic treatment, patients will have these recommendations provided to them by their dermatologist or aesthetic practitioner. It is important to follow these recommendations because they guarantee the quality of the treatment and are an essential part of a complication-free, speedy recovery post injection. As a reminder, the key takeaway points are listed below: 

Pre-treatment guidelines

1. Patients should avoid drinking alcoholic beverages for 24 hours prior to their treatment.

2. They should not exert any undue stress on their facial skin, such as the use of tweezers or other devices as this could weaken the skin’s natural resistance and plasticity.

3. Sun exposure is prohibited so that the skin on the face is devoid of any sunburn or skin abrasion.

4. Patients should come to the dermatologist’s practice with a clean face, wearing no makeup.

 Post-treatment guidelines

Unsurprisingly, the guidelines to follow once the subdermal fillers such as Juvederm fillers have been injected are obvious and much the same as the ones to follow prior to the treatment:

1. Patients should refrain from touching the areas that were injected, especially until some potential light swelling and/or redness have resolved.

2. Alcohol consumption is prohibited, for 24 to 48 hours after injection.

3. Patients must avoid exercising or practicing any kind of physical activity (even low-impact) in order to allow for the skin and facial tissues to rest after injection. Even low impact activity such as hiking is not recommended.

4. Staying out of the sun (even moderate sunlight) is necessary. All activities involving direct or indirect sun exposure are advised against.

5. Patients should not attend sauna sessions or thermal cures.

6. Warm and/or hot wax treatment on the skin must be avoided.

7. Just as intense heat and sun are ill-advised, injected patients should also stay away from extreme cold and low temperatures as this could weaken the treated facial skin and delay the recovery.

8. Lastly, in the case of lip injections; lipstick or lip balms must not be used, and the movements of the lips should be limited to basic movements. In addition, patients should also refrain from biting their lips if they are prone to do so.


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