Fat-Burning Clothes Could Be Here Soon

12/26/2016 12:00:00 AM



In the world of weight loss, there are some pretty obscure developments that attract our attention. Although we’ve see our fair share of out-of-the-box things that promise to make you drop the pounds, the newest one that caught our eye is a piece of clothing that accelerates your calorie deficit.

This smart top works by cooling down your body's temperature so that your metabolism has to go into overdrive to burn more calories. Thin Ice works even when you are at rest, as long as you wear the vest (you can wear it under your clothes), which is controlled by an app, for at least four hours a day.

The idea behind Ice Clothes actually comes from research on brown fat. The human body produces two types of fat: brown and white. White fat stores energy, whereas brown fat burns calories. As the vest cools down certain areas on the chest and neck, the body reacts by burning calories to keep the body temperature at a constant.

While we don’t know just yet if Ice Clothes is any more of a proven way to lose weight than standby methods like diet and exercise, we don’t think it can hurt to give it a shot.

Source: www.newbeauty.com

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