Lipo is No Longer Just for Skinny People

11/14/2016 12:00:00 AM


A common misconception is the thought of liposuction being reserved for overweight or obese individuals. This myth used to be incorrect; the ideal candidate for a liposuction procedure was a person close to their ideal weight, but suffered from specific fat deposits that didn’t respond to diet or exercise.

Well guess what… that mistaken belief is now actually true. Yes, most liposuction procedures are better suited for patients who have localized parts of their body they want to address. But recently, advanced technology combined with a select few expert liposuction surgeons have made it possible for overweight individuals to undergo a procedure that removes large amounts of excess fat in one sitting.

The name? Clever and matter-of fact: large volume liposuction. “Traditional liposuction is only successful when patients experience small localized fat deposits. This will not make a noticeable difference for a larger person whose aesthetic goal is a significant reduction in size. Many patients find that they are able to drop two to five sizes in clothing after undergoing this procedure.”


Fat excision during a large volume liposuction session is executed with a keen eye to sculpt and contour the areas of the body being enhanced, keeping in mind the patient’s aesthetic goals and body proportions.

Many disappointed patients have probably heard from surgeons and the Internet, “Liposuction is not meant as a weight-loss solution.” Now the conversation has shifted. Large volume liposuction is not a sole solution to weight loss, but it is a kick-starter. Patients who have this procedure done need to help ensure that the weight stays off by maintaining a healthy lifestyle of eating well and exercising regularly.

The holidays are approaching rapidly, and that, of course, initiates the inevitable stream of thoughts concerning food, appearance, and how the two just cannot seem to ever get along. Even so, it is important to remember there is no “perfect body.” (However, when you look good, you sure do feel good.) Not only will this fresh start help you look good, but it’s that little helpful nudge into a new, improved lifestyle.

Source: GrowthMed

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