Your scalp won't have to pay the price

11/19/2016 12:00:00 AM

There's new technology, new devices, new ways to do hair transplantation that are less painful and less invasive but still satisfactory. No one goes to get their gallbladder out with a 12-inch scar like they used to. That's what we should be doing: We shouldn't leave a 12-inch scar on the back of somebody's head.

Restoration Technology Changes the Game

Follicular unit extraction doesn't create a scar. Instead, you remove a follicle at a time to reconstruct the hair line. Now, new automated follicle removal devices allow physicians to harvest 600 to 1,000 grafts per hour. It's much quicker, much safer, with no scars. The new grafting technology can even allow scar revision procedures, such as graft hairs into scars. It's even possible to use the grafting devices to improve the appearance of scars without adding hair. If you have a white scar that shows through dark hair, you can make holes in that scar so it will revascularize, turning a white scar into a flesh-colored scar.

Plastic Surgeons Can Stand Apart

While there's plenty of competition from chain clinics that specialize in hair restoration, Plastic Surgeons have a major role to play because of their expertise. If a consumer knows that a Plastic Surgeon is doing hair restoration, they'll prefer them over someone who doesn't list their credentials. If a Plastic Surgeon wants to do hair, it's an extension of what he already does.

Source: CosmeticSurgeryTimes

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