Face Lift

A facelift creates a smoother, more pleasing contour to your face/neck and gives you a "refreshed" appearance.

Τhe thickness, the texture and elasticity of your skin, the severity of the wrinkles and folds as well as your hairline will be examined.

We usually perform a high definition liposuction through a small incision hidden underneath your chin. The fat/stem cells (extracted by emulsification), are used to fulfill your cheeks/nasolabial creases/temporal regions/ankle of your maxilla, at the end of the procedure.

The face lift incision follows the contour of your ear, around your earlobe and back along the hair line. Our technique involves the dissection of the platysma/SMAS (Superficial Myotic Aponeurotic System) complex to elevate and reposition them with sutures. When we finish with the stitches, the skin is pulled up/back and the excess is removed.

If your hair is short or you are a bold male, we put the incision along the ear and not far from the top of the ear at the front. 

If you have lost more than 20pounds/10 kilos, we should put fat at the nasolabial creases together with neck tightening. 

If you have skin laxity at the middle of your neck, a vertical or an horizontal incision is made beneath the chin to remove the fatty tissue/skin as well as tighten your platysma like "corset platysmaplasty".

In certain cases, lip lift may be involved with great result especially when the distance between the nose and the upper lip is long.

Complications like hematoma, skin slough or paresthesias are infrequent. The facelift incisions are well hidden and most of the people return to their daily activities within 10-12 days. Since the healing process is individualized, you should expect to wait several weeks for your final picture.

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