Mommy make over

Many women want their old shapes back after pregnancy. The abdomen and breasts are two areas which are especially suscesible to significant changes: breast and tummy procedures are the most commonly requested especially by most  women.

During pregnancy fat usually occurs in the waist or hips in preparation for childbirth. Liposuction can be used to permanently remove these areas of fat.

Abdomen muscles lose their tone after pregnancy because both muscles and skin have stretched to accommodate the baby. While the muscles become stretched and the skin loose, there is no exercise or dieting to reposition these muscles and shrink the skin. Prominent abdominal scars like those after caesarean delivery or stretch marks may also occur. The abdominoplasty is the only consistently reliable way to remove them and can help improving and regaining the shape of the belly before pregnancy. Scarring usually can be covered by the underwear or the swimwear.

Another common problem for women during and after pregnancy is sagging of the breast. This is due to weight fluctuations and hormonal changes and despite the best efforts the excess skin and the ligaments simply will not stretch back. Plastic Surgery can help restore the breasts to more natural and youthful proportions: breast augmentation will enlarge the size of the breast and breast lift (mastopexy) will lift the breast, improving the shape without changing the size. Combination of a breast augmentation with a breast lift can improve both the shape and size of the breast. Nipple invertion can be corrected since there is no need for breast feeding.

During delivery, tearing and stretching of the genitalia may occur resulting in an abnormal or unattractive appearance. Labial surgery (known as well as labioplasty or labial reduction or vaginal tightening or vaginoplasty) corrects the problem by removing excess tissue and reshaping the female genital structures to a more attractive appearance. The scars are usually inconspicuous and can be combined with laser for resurfacing or bleaching of the area.

To reduce the recovery time and the expense, combining cosmetic procedures in a single surgical session does not appear to create any additional risk.

Finally, it is always advisable somebody to wait at least 6-7 months after giving the last birth before having any of the above procedures.