Help yourself with summer skin issues

26/6/2017 12:00:00 πμ

Help yourself with summer skin issues and get specific! In addition to materials and information that you make available to all patients, consider conducting customized outreach to give patients helpful summer tips that are based on their own specific skin concerns, such as:

      • For those to whom you’ve prescribed retinoids - why it’s extra-important to use sunblock religiously

      • For those with acne issues - why it can help to use oil-free and non-comedogenic sunblock, and to wash sweaty skin and clothes as soon as possible

      • For females - because summer months make skin oilier, why it’s important to wash makeup brushes regularly

      During summertime, we all want to enjoy the weather with some rest, relaxation, and fun - and, if we take care of our skin, we can!


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