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 Like the skin, the vulva and vagina are made up of collagen and elastin fibres. After childbirth, when taking hormonal or hormone-blocking treatments (mini-pill, endometriosis treatment, breast cancer treatment, etc.) or with age, namely after the menopause, a woman’s genital area can change. The vulvar and vaginal area slackens, sometimes leading to a gaping vaginal entrance (the feeling of a too-large vagina), vaginal dryness and irritation, recurrent vaginal and urinary infections, urinary incontinence and a loss of feeling during sex, with reduced pleasure as a consequence.

Laser is a non-invasive treatment that successfully treats all of these symptoms. It is a technique that is already used to firm up the skin (face and body) and which has been adapted to suit the female genital organs. It has been used for the last 5 years in the United States, Canada and Asia, with excellent results. It was brought to Europe in 2017.

The theory involves emitting laser waves that stimulate the dermis’ natural production of collagen and elastin fibres without damaging the epidermis.The treatment is carried out in the gynaecological position. The probe used is rounded in shape and the size of a finger. Its curvature is adapted to the vulva and vagina. It is designed for single use. The treatment is pain-free and requires no anaesthetic. We apply a conductive gel and pass the probe across the vulva (outer lips, inner lips, clitoral region, perineum) and on all faces of the vagina. You can feel the heat it gives off, but there is no risk of burning because the temperature is fixed.

Three 20-minute sessions are carried out, spaced a month apart, then we recommend one top-up session per year. The results are extremely satisfactory, with 100% of women noticing an improvement in vaginal dryness, mild urinary inconti – nence and vulvar gaping. 90% of women reported less painful intercourse and said they reached orgasm more easily once the clitoris had been revascularised.

Laser is a revolutionary method for women that enables us to treat mild urinary incontinence, tone the vaginal walls, plump up the vulva and increase sexual desire and the female orgasm by revascularising the clitoral area, and in just three 20-minute sessions. The patient’s genital area is fully rejuvenated, boosting their self-confidence and improving the quality of their sex life.


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